Modern Marketing with The Modern Hotel

As a bunch of design nerds, fancy drink aficionados, and travelers, we are no strangers to the Modern Hotel & Bar. As a local hotspot, we often find ourselves enjoying craft cocktails or a cozy stay at the hotel. To say the least, we were thrilled to be moving forward with some fresh creative, content, and web development for a brand we know and love.

Working with The Modern, we have been able to collaborate and generate creative and classy material. Starting back in 2016, we set plans to bring a new elegance to The Modern’s website, with potential for more digital efforts the following spring.

As an established brand with a familiar audience, the creative briefs were clear and the strategy in place. It was our job to take what we already love and bring the brand to life, particularly with a more digital presence. The website came together quickly and laid the foundation for the new design language. Focusing on minimal design style, a modern and elegant approach, and some mid-century flair, the website came together beautifully. The digital campaigns quickly unfolded with new landing pages, banners ads, and other online elements. We worked closely with The Modern with some fresh photography, written content, and more to finally complete the style. There wasn’t a corner of the brand that would be left untouched. It isn’t unusual to see a  brand attempt a new style by incorporating a few new elements such as photography and ignore the rest of the user experience, diluting the effectiveness of the brand in the first place. We were glad to be working on the many different customer touchpoints. When it was all said and done, The Modern made clear and intriguing customer interactions.


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Establishing Lean Execution

One common challenge faced by many business marketers is working around a tight budget. Business leaders always want to bring the best work to the table and go all-out for their marketing efforts. We wanted to create the best work we could but also wanted to be conscious of our spending to be as efficient as possible. By optimizing our staff involved, we were able to create a single, core team to get all of the work done strategically and efficiently. By using the many talents of individuals, we were able to effectively combine multiple roles and reduce the staff overhead to achieve our budget goals.

Strong Partnerships Make For Great Work

Finally, as we have touted numerous times over, the real success of any project comes from working with great clients and partners. The relationship between an agency and partner is a two-way street. We share ideas, feedback, and are honest with each other. Through our sincerity, we are able to get to the best work together. For years, The Modern has been wonderful and we admire their creativity and ambition. They aren’t afraid to try new ideas and to stretch themselves both as a business and as individuals.

Screen Shot 2017-02-16 at 2.44.12 PMOutlook For 2017

Moving forward, we have a lot planned for 2017. With the digital assets in place, the foundation for a more active digital presence is built. Continuing to find areas for more efficiency and marketing opportunities will be a top priority. Thanks to The Modern Hotel & Bar for their wonderful partnership and for being such a joy to work with. If you are in the Boise area and haven’t stopped by for a drink yet, you’re seriously missing out.

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