“Nation’s Best Website.” No, Really.

The Drake Cooper interactive team continues to receive national accolades for their outstanding work. Most recently, the Idaho Scenic Byways website was recognized at the annual National Transportation Public Affairs Workshop (NTPAW) as the “Nation’s Best Website.”

The award was given by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials and it recognizes Idaho Scenic Byways for its well-designed, interactive website which provides a comprehensive way for travelers to view Idaho’s scenic byways in great visual detail.

With Google Maps integration, site visitors can click and choose any desired byway to find information on areas of interest, lodging, events and attractions unique to each byway. Scenic photography is used to help tell the story, with each byway having it’s own photo album. Travelers can use the site to order a free scenic byway guide, link to a national byways web site, or even send a cool e-postcard from the Idaho byway of their choice.

The Idaho Scenic Byways web site is the result of collaboration between the Idaho Transportation Department, Idaho Division of Tourism Development, and Drake Cooper, all of which make up the collaborate in Idaho Scenic Byways’ marketing efforts. The site was designed and developed to promote awareness of the beauty and diversity of Idaho’s scenic byways.

The NTPAW was held in Nashville last month. The award is based on quality, intelligence and creativity, and is peer-judged. Nice work DC interactive!

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