Prime Time TV’s Fall Lineup

If you’re anything like me, fall holds a special place in your heart. Long sleeves start making an appearance, those beautiful knee-high Frye boots come out of hiding, and the air holds a crispness that both smells good and is a welcome reprieve from the 90-degree days.

But mostly, TV’s fall lineup begins.

Like every year, there are plenty of new shows debuting on our prime time networks. This season looks to be much more successful than the past two or three years. Reality TV is taking a back seat to scripted dramas and sitcoms (say word!), which signifies to me that networks are playing to the public’s desire for something meatier than the gaucheness of “real-life” waste-ertainment. (It should be said that not all reality TV is crap. I seriously cannot get enough of “Dual Survival.” That guy is barefoot!)

Each network seems to be jumping on the glittering vampire genre, capitalizing on the raging popularity of this topic. We’ll also see a supernatural glint conveyed in both police procedurals as well as regular scripted dramas. Trying to capture some of the success of nostalgia-driven shows a la “Mad Men,” ABC’s “Pan Am,” and NBC’s “Playboy Club” are hitting it hard. And, of course, the crime/doctor/lawyer dramas are back with a vengeance. Because most of the “Law and Order” suite is retiring, as well as some of the “CSI” suite, there will be a strong demand for replacements.

Here is our lineup:


My picks are “Pan Am” and “Once Upon A Time.” Anything done by the creators of “LOST” has my vote, and “Pan Am” has that nostalgia-rich hue to it that is sure to charm many.


“The New Girl” with Zooey Deschanel (how do you not love her?) will probably do very well, and so will “Terra Nova,” a sci-fi thriller produced by Steven Spielberg. I personally am looking forward to “Allen Gregory” (as much as I hate to admit it), which is an animated sitcom with the voice of Jonah Hill.


“Awake” is the story of a man who is living a most unusual double life. Because of a car accident, he alternates days where his wife is alive, but his son is dead, and then vice versa. Gorgeous.


“Unforgettable” is one to watch as these types of police/psychological thrillers seem to do very well.


Shamelessly, I have to recommend a guilty pleasure (which is what the CW is all about for anyone over the age of 18). “The Secret Circle,” if nothing else, will most likely deliver a good stash of hip new music. (I mean, let’s be real. That’s the only reason I watch “Gossip Girl.” The music. I swear.)

Ultimately, the success of each show will depend as much on the writing, acting, and production as the general audience’s affinity to the network.

Which do you think will succeed? Let me know, but of course, not during the hours of 7-10pm M-F – I’ve got TV to watch.

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