Project Managers Picks

Here is some work our Project Managers are loving right now-

Toxel. Ad upon ad is posted here. They always cite what it is for and give a link to the agency, etc. Here are a few faves-

For BBC-
For Air Canada
For Bare Wetsuits-

Shynola is a super rad production and media company. They’ve done a lot of music videos and commercials- a lot of which are in vector. Their music video for Queens of the Stone Age is pretty unreal.
Also DDB Especially this commercial for Volkswagon Golf.
For an ineractive shop, they really have strong beliefs about strategy and branding and not just building pretty websites.
Here is a screen shot of

This agency is pretty wacky. Every time you click to their site, you’ll get a different page. Sometimes they are selling butterflies, sometimes it is a Sheriff’s website. You never know. And if you call them on one of their ads, looking for a hot air balloon ride, say, they will actually book one for you.

It’s not for every client, but it is innovative and thoughtful.

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Drake Cooper
Drake Cooper
November 4, 2008