Ready To DREAM BIG? We’re Accepting Applications Now

What’s DREAM BIG? It’s an opportunity for your 501c3 organization to work with us and better serve your needs in the process. Every year, the Drake Cooper staff comes together as a whole and reviews all submitted applications. From these, one nonprofit is chosen to receive a year’s worth of our service. Website needs a little work? We can handle it. Trying to figure out how to spread your message? We’ll help it catch like fire. Why is social media so important? We’re your social shaman. You get the picture.

We’ve handled everything from summer camps and bicycle projects to Idaho’s largest natural wilderness area. Whatever your cause, that thing you’re passionate about, we’re interested in it. You just have to slap your heart on your sleeve, speak true and want to make the world a better place. Simple enough? Good.

So what does an application look like? Well, if we told you what it should be that would sort of take the fun out of it for us. Just be sure to include who you are, who you serve and what you need from us. Make it a check sheet of boxes you need ticked, or shape it into a broad reflection of your personality. You could even send a barbershop quartet to melodically orate your application…although that might take some intense coordinating on your end, but hey, it’s your application.

At the end of the day, what makes you stand out the most is your cause and how much you love it because we love what you love. And we want to help make those big dreams of yours into giant realities.

Learn more here:

Still have questions? You’re in luck. Call 208-342-0925 and ask for Dan. He’s dishing out the answers to everything you can throw at him.

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