The Slack Water Cooler Hall of Fame

Welcome to the DC Slack Water Cooler, where facts are checked, records are broken, and the internet is discovered.

If you’re familiar with Drake Cooper at all, you’re probably aware that we love Slack. No tool has developed a better way to communicate between teams. From building our own bots, to solving life’s greatest mysteries, Slack has been there to witness it all. While most of us use it to get quick answers or easily share a funny GIF, the Water Cooler, like those of agencies past, is where we share the best stories, rumors, and other shocking discoveries from our day-to-day lives. Take a trip deep into the spaghetti-brains of Drake Cooper employees as we journey through the Water Cooler Hall of Fame.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Star Wars has been a centerpiece of film, art, and nerd culture for decades. Hardly any other franchise garners such an audience. When Disney first announced the resurrection the franchise in all it’s glory, the world celebrated. Those moments of binge watching the same trailer for hours will live on forever. May the force be with you.

Fibonacci Timepiece

Time: one of the most misunderstood measurements in our universe. What a glorious way to represent our ever-changing world with the beautiful, tried and true Fibonacci golden ratio. It’s too perfect. Check it out.

Fist-fighting Mega-Bots

When we engage in friendly duels, it typically ends up in a heated game of foosball. But what happens when two international tech superpowers challenge each other? You get a pair of 15-foot, fist-fighting, steel battle machines. What could possibly go wrong? Find out.

Insane Ping-Pong rally

If you visit just about any office these days, there is always somebody who claims to be the queen of office ping pong. Trophies in hand, pride in your pocket, you might think you’re a solid table tennis athlete, but let’s be honest, you will never, EVER be able to take on these illustrious strokes.

Royals win the World Series

Buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks! Oh, and bring my rifle, some ammo, and my survival pack while you’re at it. The Royals just won and Kansas City has started the zombie apocalypse. See the zombies.

Krispy Kreme Glazed Bar Codes

You know that feeling when you think you have an incredible idea, you share it with somebody, and they respond with “Oh, did you see how ______ did something like that last year?” Yeah, we get it. Originality can be tough. But in this case, it’s glazed in sugary goodness and carbohydrates. Commence drooling.

Home-made smart mirrors

Gosh. People are so dang smart! It seems every day some brilliant mind will find a creative way to solve a problem that plagues our society. This case was no exception. Innovation and creativity at its finest. Build it yourself.

Game of Thrones snow art

Speaking of talented individuals, this is just insane! I always thought my life would be complete when I could make snowmen as creatively as Calvin and Hobbes. This takes snow art to a whole new level.

The woes of Trader Joes

Need a quick and healthy lunch snack on the go? Trader Joes has done an incredible job of minimizing the grocery store to the delicious and healthy essentials. But somewhere down the chain of command, they decided to do the same thing with their parking lots. You’ve probably never noticed, but trust us, it will drive you insane from here on out. Discover more of this trickery.

Modern Fashion Trends

The future is now. It is a time of convenience, connectivity, and influence. Even our fashion is catching onto the trends. The latest release? Nike’s power-lacing sneakers. Read more.

Boaty McBoatFace

Now one of the greatest internet phenomenon so far this year, Boaty McBoatface, sadly could not live on to become the final name of the NERC’s latest polar research vessel, but its legacy continues on as the small unmanned deep-sea probe. I love this because it is the greatest example of how we all love the internet so much, but often still fail to understand it. Read more.

Slack “Animals!” spot

Of the hundreds of ads that get tossed into the Water Cooler channel, this one has to take the crown. From their incredible product, to their culture and social media, this ad so perfectly represented what it means to work in an office without Slack. It would be a zoo.

Drunkest states of America

Are we proud or disappointed? I guess it depends on who you ask.

Freestyle skiing air record

Being in Boise, skiing is a serious ritual here. With all of the latest tech and developments in snow sports, it is no mystery that records continue to be shattered. But this one, this is just insane! See it for yourself.

SpaceX Rocket Landing – Lonely Island edition

Many people don’t quite understand how monumental this moment in space and rocket tech this was. Many physicists and engineers describe it as equivalent to throwing a pencil into the air as high as you can and then expecting it to come back down and land upright. It was virtually unachievable. So when the rocket made it safely back on its vessel, no song was more appropriate than Lonely Island’s I’m On A Boat. Try not to cry from laughter.

The music industry

The past several months have been an artistic roller coaster. Between Bowie and Prince, there had to be some light shining through the darkness. Anderson Cooper was there to let us know.

Hit songs, decoded

Finally, the greatest discovery shared to our Slack Water Cooler goes out to this project by Polygraph. Partnering with Spotify and many major music labels, they were able to concisely share how music has evolved over the decades through the form of the greatest hits of all time. Take the time and listen through. You’ll learn so much about how music has shaped our culture and values. If one thing becomes even more apparent, the late 90 were a dark, dark time for the music industry. I don’t know how we all made it through. Check it out.

Thanks for journeying with us. We often can’t ever say enough about how much of a joy it is to work here at Drake Cooper. This was just the smallest glimpse into our lives and relationships with one another. We are snarky, silly, and fun. But in the end, we are for the ambitious. We are also looking for more talent to join our team! If you loved this post and felt it resonate with your soul, you should look into working here. Check out our current job postings.

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