Sustainable Futures

The Dream Big program is something very special to all of us at Drake Cooper. Every year we invite certified 501(c)(3) non profits to tell us why they need the help of an advertising and marketing agency. After reading all of their proposals and learning about their programs we have a company-wide vote and one winner is selected. Then, over the course of the following year, we work with them collaboratively to further develop their marketing programs.

Like every year, this season we met some terrific non profits with amazing causes and we are happy to announce that the 2012 Dream Big program was awarded to Boise-based Sustainable Futures.

Sustainable Futures recycles and re-purposes empty glass bottles into usable glassware—anything from drinking glasses to wind chimes and lamps. The Earth certainly needs this, which we liked. But Sustainable Futures offers even more than this… To make their usable glass products the organization works with at-risk youth, refugees, and men and women recently released from prison all in an effort to enhance vocational and life skills.

We’re very excited to work with this passionate and smart group of people who are giving back to our community daily. As we get to work we’ll be sure to report back on this blog and keep you updated of our progress together!

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