The Mixtape ft. Syrian Refugees, Baseball Movies, & Wingsuit Jumping

Searching For Syria

The way Google pushes their technology to tell the full context of the situation is an excellent example of how storytelling can improve with technological capabilities. The site explains what’s going on in Syria and what it used to be in a way that everyone can feel. Google found a beautiful way to transform numbers and information into art. The tools they use vary from 360-degree panoramas to stats, to video. It’s incredible on the desktop, but even better on mobile.

Where Did the Great Hollywood Baseball Movie Go?

The title of this brought up a really good point. Where the heck did the classic American pastime film go? It seems like it has been decades since we’ve seen a new film emerge. Changing demographics, some rough history with baseball, and a new generation of consumers is just the tip of the iceberg. This fun piece dives to take a closer look.

NYT Magazine | Read Time: 5 mins

Behind the Scenes at Ground Zero for the World’s Wingsuiters.

With the growth of GoPros and other personal cameras over the years, live streaming and connecting with your audience in real time, we’ve seen the outermost fringes of human daredevils from a completely new perspective. Explore deeper into the minds of one of the 21st century’s greatest thrills, wingsuit jumping.

Outside Magazine | Read Time: 7 mins

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