Think Idaho. Eat Idaho.

The mission to “Buy Local, Eat Local” in Boise, and all of Idaho for that matter, smacked me right in the reusable grocery bag this weekend when I trotted down to my local Albertsons to satisfy a hot summer afternoon sweet tooth.

Even the national grocery chain store (okay, so it’s locally grown too) is supporting the body-healthy and earth-friendly, eat local trend, transforming their mainstream grocery stores into neighborhood farmer’s markets.

Partnering with state-sponsored efforts like the Idaho Department of Agriculture’s “Idaho Preferred” program and local farmers, Albertsons will be selling Idaho-grown produce in mini-farmer market stands throughout the Treasure Valley, apparently throughout harvest season.

This is super exciting to see as we approach September, which is “Idaho Preferred Month.” And major kudos to Albertsons for exemplifying that, even though they are a nationally established chain, they can still support local businesses and farmers, and in return, sell fresh, truly local produce to their communities. I was able to score some amazing Rainier Cherries from Caldwell, right down the road, leaving my sweet tooth satisfied and my excitement about big businesses doing great things augmented.

So regardless of where you grab some groceries in the Treasure Valley, keep an eye out for local Albertsons stores carrying Idaho Preferred product that let you  “buy local, eat local.”

Albertsons sells Idaho grown local produce like Rainier cherries


Albertsons sells local produce like cherries from Caldwell, Idaho

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