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The web 2.0 summit just wrapped up it’s fifth conference – with speakers like Lance Armstrong, Arianna Huffington, Al Gore, Shai Agassi among others. Lots of great quotes from the speakers and events. I will share some over the coming days as the things going on in this arena are of interest to marketers around the world.

This one is not from the conference itself but is from the founder of the idea of web 2.0 who has just published a paper on one of the hottest and simplest technologies to emerge in the last year.

“So, if you wonder whether Twitter matters for business, remember, if you will, when people new to cell phones used to call each other to report the most trivial details of where they were and what they were doing; remember how blogs at first were thought of merely as personal diaries of no interest to anyone in business, and how they grew up to become the heart of a new media paradigm. For that matter, remember how the personal computer was dismissed by the titans of the computer industry as nothing but a toy.

The future often comes to us in disguise, with toys that grow up to spark a business revolution. Twitter is like that.”

~Tim O’Reilly (Twitter LATE adopter, foremost expert on web 2.0, author and web marketing expert. Tim now has 13,436 followers on Twitter. Actually 13,437 now.)

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