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Drake Cooper, the most modest, creative, selfless, savvy, well-respected, real, well-rounded, winner of Most Likely to Succeed award needs a like minded account guru that can light the world on fire, cure bad diseases, save children from things, create global cooling, make peace with rivaling tribes, bring smiles and results through advertising and marketing, with particular emphasis on understanding account strategy, online and new media, AND a desire and ability to lead major accounts, who will appreciate and respect said person such that an inner peace will engulf this person to such a point that all will be good and in harmony with the universe creating personal as well as client bliss…should apply to Drake Cooper right away for the position of Account Manager, as long as said person has notable experience, drive, gumption, gallons of passion, golden references, aka –”extreme skills”, in marketing strategy, leadership, account management, AND is well versed in all things that are a-changin’ in the advertising agency world, including but not limited to, social marketing, new media and account planning and is a progressive thinker, do-er, and a lover not a fighter type. Pay commensurate with desire. Don’t hesitate. Get. Going. Now. The usual benefits apply. www.drakecooper.com / hvogt@drakecooper.com

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Drake Cooper
Drake Cooper
June 12, 2008