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Hi and welcome to Drake Cooper, our brand new 30-year-old agency. Drake Cooper, formerly es/drake, formerly Elgin Syferd Drake, formerly WR Drake and Company, was founded by Bill Drake in 1978 right across the street from our new location in BoDo here in Boise.

In short, we are an agency on the move. Taking that great 30 year legacy and all the good karma from that, we are questioning everything that isn’t bolted down. Well, we question that stuff too. Why? Because to be in our business is to embrace change. To do it the way it has always been done doesn’t work. We have to constantly look for new and better ways of LEADING our clients in creative ways — to help them be more efficient and more successful in communicating with (not at) their target market. To be their trusted advisors and to produce work that is impactful and gets results they can take to the bank. The market demands that of any agency in 2008, and we don’t want to be just any old agency. We want to be the best. Plus, I agree with Jack Welch’s thinking – the best time to change is before you have to.

So change will happen. This past year, we have added some new key folks to the team. We have spent some time internally thinking about how to be more effective and efficient. We have spent some late nights working on some really fun and very integrated campaigns for our clients. And we have said good-bye to our old office of almost 20 years and embraced a new work space and way of working that is almost the polar opposite of what we had. This new place is open and light, with big fir beams, brick and steel. It is uncluttered and open. The work space fosters collaboration and communication. Two things that make it all work. It’s been a big year for this agency. I have watched it grow and watched people move it forward and grow with it. It couldn’t be a more fun and exciting time. And in the end, isn’t that what it’s about? We are having fun and I think the work shows it.

Welcome to our new-old agency and welcome to our site. We hope you enjoy it and have some fun too. And, hey, if you’re in the hood, swing in and say hi.


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Drake Cooper
Drake Cooper
April 21, 20083 min read