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The Mixtape ft. Technical Dictionaries, Big Data, & Creating A Genius

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Sideways Dictionary

We all get caught up in buzzwords and technical jargon. Instead of complicating how we communicate, we should be working towards adding clarity for our clients, coworkers, and friends. Sideways dictionary creatively does just that by helping us find new ways to describe complex works or concepts through the use of analogies. Anyone can contribute and everyone can learn a thing or two.

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Our Machines Now Have Knowledge We Will Never Understand.

As humans, we are capable of understanding so much about the world around us, but what happens when data gets so complicated that we could not possibly analyze it all on our own? Well, we have passed that point for quite some time now. One solution is to create computers with the ability to analyze data and create models that we could never fully understand. This technique can give us answers to questions that would otherwise be unknowable.

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What Makes a Genius

For thousands of years, philosophers and scientists have been searching for the source and cause of unparalleled intelligence. What makes somebody more successful than another? Why do certain individuals stand out in history as the world’s greatest thinkers? We still don’t have an answer, but we have found some clues.

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