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Bronco…errr Albertsons Stadium


Albertsons Stadium

If you attended the Boise State University Bronco football home opener I guarantee you noticed that Albertsons was a key BSU Bronco sponsor. What Albertsons did with their presence at the stadium was notable and I love the local comeback they’re clearly trying to make. There was a day when Albertsons was a huge employer in the Boise market and as the #1 grocer in our area they had their share of locals who bitched about the big dog taking advantage. Then they were sold, virtually left town and Boise lost a big corporate brand, high wage jobs and significant contributions to our community.

Today, Albertsons is back in town and as I see it, they’re working hard to get loyal locals back.  Here’s what they did to get our attention at Bronco Stadium…errr Albertsons Stadium: they put a $5 gift card under 37,000 seats. Yes, $185,000.00 in gift cards, not a BOGO or a 20% discount. Five bucks. That’s how you get noticed at a large event and that’s how you drive traffic. And that’s how you increase sales by trial. And that’s how you steal shoppers from the other big guys. And that’s the ice in my coolers for the next tailgate.