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Meet Ella Koonce

If Drake Cooper had a Rookie of the Year Award, it would go to Ella. She came straight from college and in a short time showed everyone she had the mad skills to keep up. Ella is funny, creative and downright awesome.

Q: What Snapchat filter describes you best?

A: I like the dog filter because I love dogs. It’s fun to use it while eating, the ears and nose pop up and then when you go to take a bite, the tongue will randomly fly out! It’s weird, but I love it.

Q: You were a dancer at one point, correct? What’s your signature dance move?

A: I danced for 12 years. I did tap and ballet as a child, and competitive dance in high school. I do actually have a signature dance move! You put your hands on your knees and then move them back and forth while scooting your feet to one side. It’s my go to party move.

Q: How do you know when a design is coming together?

A: Well, I like to get other people’s opinions and as many eyes on it as possible. I love feedback. Once I’ve gotten good vibes from everybody, and the client is into the design, I know I am on the right path and it’s going to look really nice.

Q: You have five minutes to Photoshop Tyler and me into this picture.

Q: One lesson you have learned by working at Drake Cooper?

A: Having come straight from college to Drake Cooper, I have been taught so many technical things in my craft. Just being creative every day in an atmosphere like this makes me feel lucky to have this job; not to mention being surrounded by creative, ambitious co-workers.

Q: If the whole world got together and made you Supreme Ruler Ella, how long would it take you to start abusing your powers?

A: Probably not too long. I would just want baristas with me at all times. I would also love coffee carts that walk everywhere with me so if I ever need a drink they’re ready. Then I would start using the term “fetch”. Let’s not make me a supreme ruler anytime soon.

Q: What inspires you?

A: I am really inspired by industrial design. My dad was an architectural engineer and had his own company.  When I was younger, I would sit on the drawing boards and doodle all over the blueprints as if I was designing a home.

Q: So after doing some research, we discovered that you like to post pictures of your dog, Lola, on Instagram; which begs the question, when is Lola’s calendar coming out, and what will she be wearing for the month of October?

A: Last year we did dress her up for Halloween. We put a train conductor hat on her. Of course, it only lasted a few seconds. But she looked so cute! I do admit I have a few coffee table books of her, so the calendar is the next thing.

Q: How did you know that you wanted to be a designer?

A: My first passion was photography, and in high school I began taking classes and started a little business shooting friend’s senior portraits. When looking into colleges, I wanted to attend Northwest Nazarene University, but they didn’t have a photography major, so I took up graphic design to become more well-rounded and had photography as my minor. Now I’m glad I have photography as a skill in my back pocket, but design has definitely become my forte.

Q: How many friendships have you ruined because you refused to mercifully play a game of Monopoly?

A: I am the friend that enjoys Monopoly and others don’t! I just love board games. Some people don’t enjoy a couple hours of collecting boardwalks as much as I do.

Q: What’s your favorite thing to order from Olive Garden?

A: I like their salad. There is just something about their dressing. And of course, the breadsticks.

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