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The Professional Network

With Facebook’s IPO occupying much of the news, we thought it might be nice to talk about something else. So below are 3 things you may not know about LinkedIn:

1. LinkedIn Beats Facebook in B2B Conversions.

In a study of 3,100 HubSpot B2B customers, LinkedIn’s visitor-to-lead ratio was 2.6%, which is four times higher than Twitter (.67%) and seven times higher than Facebook (.39%).

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2. LinkedIn is Growing Faster than Facebook.

LinkedIn had 28 million views in March, up 60% from a year earlier. Facebook’s unique visitors were up 20% from a year earlier. With 150 million users LinkedIn is now the #2 social network in America.

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3. Next Play.

LinkedIn’s CEO has managed to reduce their business philosophy to two words: “Next Play.” As articulated in NYSE magazine:

The concept is inspired by Duke University basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski, who shouts the phrase every time the ball changes hands and his team heads down the court. The intent is to make sure players don’t spend too much time celebrating a successful outcome or lamenting a poor one. Instead, they turn their attention to the next challenge.

We like it.