2012 Ad Spending Forecast


According to ZenithOptimedia, North American ad spending is projected to increase 3.6% this year to $171 billion. Globally, ad spending is forecast to be up 4.7% to $489 billion. (Yes, nearly 35% of all advertising is spent in North America.)

The nice SONY ad above is all about screens… and that’s where the largest growth areas will be seen—all things involving a screen. Mobile advertising is projected to lead the way in growth with ad spending expected to increase 48% to $1.2 billion versus 2011.

Social ad spending follows closely behind with 37% anticipated growth to $3.4 billion.

Online display is another area of strong growth that should be up around 12% to $5.2 billion while PPC will increase 15% to $13.1 billion.

Another performer this year will be TV which will increase 6.8% to around $64 billion.

On the decrease will be newspapers and magazines falling 8% and 3% respectively. But just because something is shrinking doesn’t mean that it’s small: roughly $34 billion will still be spent here this year.

For more information and breakouts by global regions, please visit ZenithOptimedia and download the forecast. eMarketer also has some good comparisons of online media versus other mediums.

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John Drake
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