A More Serious Side of the Super Bowl

USA Today’s long-running Ad Meter surveyed 6,700 consumers last night who ranked 61 commercials during the Super Bowl.

The favorite was Budweiser’s “Lost Puppy,” making this three years in a row that the brewer has come out on top.

It was a nice spot. Highly emotional. Many other brands took that angle this year, which was the first overall theme to take away.

The second theme was how many advertisers took a very serious tone. Nationwide is making headlines with their “Child Safety” ad today.

There was also a notable degree of retro. BMW, Snickers and others took cues from pop-culture’s past for their ads.

And of course there were still the big, entertaining productions, like Mophie.

And the amusing Fiat “pill” ad.

Every year after the game people say the that “Super Bowl ads weren’t very good”. That’s not true. There’s just such high expectations it seems like the ads don’t measure up.

As for some favorites? There are good reasons to advertise on the Super Bowl. Those making that cut then have to be good enough for the big stage and then be compelling.

This author will give some thoughts…

#LikeAGirl was great. The Ad Meter brought that in at #2. Here’s the original version.

Weight Watchers made an impact. Here’s the extended version.

It was fun to see Liam Neeson in Clash of the Clans and the Mexico Avocados ad was really good, especially the longer version.

But I’ll end with citing McDonald’s and what they were doing on Twitter all night. Did you catch that? Taking I’m Lovin’ It to a wonderful next level.

What were your favorites?

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