Be Outside in Idaho

Addressing the troubling rise of what’s being referred to as “nature deficit disorder” is the driving force behind a new initiative that deems 2009 “Be Outside – Idaho Children in Nature” year. More than 100 state and federal agencies are partnering with educators, health care professionals and private entities to help raise awareness about the importance of children establishing a meaningful and lasting bond with the great outdoors.

In support of this initiative, Drake Cooper worked with Idaho’s Department of Parks and Recreation to design a website encouraging nature-deficient youth to go outside and play. The website, designed by Justin Yonk of Drake Cooper, includes 101 ideas for ways to play outside, the latest news and events happening outside in Idaho, information on how to get involved with the initiative, Idaho maps featuring destinations and attractions and plenty of other goodies.

Check out the site here:

Then get offline and get outside!

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Katie Reid
Katie Reid
February 5, 2009