#NewWork: Blossom Rock Blooms with a Block Party Where Community and Culture Flourish

Drake Cooper recently partnered with Brookfield Properties to introduce their newest community, Blossom Rock, in the East Valley of Phoenix, Arizona, through an engaging launch event. This collaboration brought to life Bloom at Blossom Rock: The Ultimate Block Party, an event tailored to highlight the community’s offerings against the stunning backdrop of the Superstition Mountains. Together, we developed a range of deliverables, including creative event branding, a comprehensive media plan, and various marketing assets that enhanced the event experience. With everything from website enhancements, maps, and wayfinding signage to strategic email campaigns, the event was designed to generate excitement around the master-planned community opening and showcase the future lifestyle at Blossom Rock, helping visitors imagine what’s yet to come.

Blossom Rock aimed to introduce itself to potential buyers looking to elevate their lifestyle in a neighborhood that promises adventure and tranquility. With its diverse demographic ranging from young families to retirees, the objective was to draw attendees into the unique experiences that Blossom Rock offers, encouraging them to envision a future in this community.

This wasn’t just any celebration but a meticulously planned event designed to immerse attendees in the community’s ethos. The event was a sensory delight, from the shuttle tours showcasing 15 beautifully staged homes from five different builders to engaging activities like a puppy fashion show and a build-your-own bloom—floral bar. The thematic expression of “Blooming” resonated throughout, symbolizing the growth and flourishing of life at Blossom Rock.

The event’s success hinged on engaging touchpoints tailored to the audience’s preferences and lifestyle. Families enjoyed craft activities and live music, while tech-savvy individuals appreciated the smart home features presented in model homes. Health and wellness enthusiasts were treated to various activities that echoed their values, and everyone enjoyed the festive atmosphere accentuated by live music and local cuisine. This strategic mix not only showcased the master-planned community’s features but also its potential to enhance the residents’ quality of life. Lynneah Hudson, Vice President of Marketing at Brookfield Properties, shared her excitement about the event’s impact: “The event was amazing. With over 4,000 people visiting, the models were packed, and the builders were blown away. Our social media influencers gave us lots of coverage and love, and we have five sales already!” 

This enthusiastic feedback underscores the vibrant engagement and community interest sparked by the event. Blossom Rock is clearly more than just a place to live—it’s a place to thrive, surrounded by natural beauty and like-minded neighbors. As we continue to promote Blossom Rock, we do so with the confidence that it represents the pinnacle of community living —where every detail is thoughtfully designed to support a vibrant, flourishing lifestyle.

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