The Mixtape ft. Song Exploder, The Gig Economy, and The Myth of Everyday Cooking

Song Exploder: Odesza/Kusanagi

What does it take to make a hit song? On Song Exploder, Hrishikesh Hirway talks with artists to get a behind-the-scenes look at their intentions with each and every element of a track. This is yet another reminder that in order to do our best creative work, we have to take a look beyond our desk or office and find inspiration in the outside world. We highly recommend checking out the Song Exploder episodes page to find an episode with one of your favorite artists.

Song Exploder | Listen Time: 15 mins

Is The Gig Economy Working?

It’s the decade of the side hustle. Millions of people around the world have found ways to create sustainable living beyond the nine-to-five. Tools and platforms like Uber, TaskRabbit, and Airbnb have empowered people everywhere to make a living on their own terms. But is it economically sustainable? That’s a tough call.

The New Yorker | Read Time: 15 mins

Why We Love To Believe The Myth Of Everyday Cooking

In a world full of perfectly-curated Instagram photos, Snapchat stories, and YouTube videos, many people, millennials, in particular, are struggling with this pandemic of individual inadequacy. Their lives just never look as good as somebody else’s. The cooking world has followed right along with beautiful recipes that never seem to go wrong. But as we know, they always do.

Eater | Read Time: 8 mins

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