Celebrate Arbor Day in the City of Trees

Friday, April 30 is Arbor Day, the nationally-celebrated observance that encourages tree planting and care.

If you love trees like we do here at Drake Cooper, then get out and celebrate them with your Boise community. Here are a number of ways you and yours can celebrate Arbor Day:

1. Score a blue spruce and plant it, for free! Home Depots and FedEx Kinkos across the state, along with the Boise Co-op and The Flicks in Boise, will be giving away FREE blue spruce seedlings on Friday, April 30, while supplies last. Not every single Home Depot or FedEx Kinkos may be giving away seedlings though – so get an early start or contact Betty Munis with the ID Division of Forestry for more info: 208-334-3292.

2. Plant a tree. Okay, so this is obvious. But there really is something fun about digging up some earth and putting down roots. Buying a specialty tree from a local nursery supports the economy and the environment, not to mention it will shape up your yard a bit. Bring the kids too and make them help dig.

3. Head down to Capitol Park. At 10 a.m. on Friday, there will be a special ceremony and tree planting. After planting a Kwanzan cherry tree at Capitol Park, the Society of American Foresters will lead a pleasant little tree tour.

4. Take a hike. If you can’t attend a local tree planting ceremony or drop some dinero on a tree for your own dwelling, at least grab a friend, kid, or family member and get outside to appreciate the beauty of the city of trees on Arbor Day.
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