Check Out Who’s Backstage in 2013

This summer, Drake Cooper is welcoming ten fresh faces to the newly-restructured Backstage Pass Program. The program is designed to encourage idea collaboration between students from backgrounds in advertising, graphic design, public relations, management and more. Armed with creative ideas and fueled by ridiculous amounts of coffee, this young talent is ready to get real-world experience by working on assignments for clients in a mock scenario. Please join us in welcoming the new summer additions to Drake Cooper.

Brandon Brodie

Project manager, web designer, strategic thinker, transformational and servant leader. Lover of food and overflowing with passion!

Maria Walker

Visual problem solver, aspiring strategist, socially conscious, overly committed and too far behind, quibbler, modular origamist.

Kyle Farmer

Nature enthusiast, beer crafter/drinker, artist, woodworker, graphic designer, aspiring apparel designer, alternate energy advocate.

Julie Kissler

Boise native, wannabe advertising guru, aspiring cat lady, amateur photographer, beer connoisseur, adventure seeker, passionate about learning anything and everything.

Laken Bailey

Aspiring graphic designer, wannabe illustrator, occasional perfectionist, college graduate, fashion enthusiast and food connoisseur.

David St. John

Hopeful account executive, part-time hippie, bigfoot fighting Idahoan, processor of complex ideas, researcher with the knack of understanding people.

Haley Robinson

Part bossy perfectionist, part easy-going writer who’s quick with a joke. Lover of hiking, running, good music, great beer, traveling and new challenges.

Aaron Patrick

From the land of Kentucky Fried Chicken, hopeful advertising creative, aspiring outdoorsman, idea guy, jack of all trades, love to create, travel less than I want, I talk too much.

Princess Buenaventuraw

WSU cougar, Portland native, Boise transplant, public speaker, part-time designer, idea generator, experienced leader, chaos driven, rapid learner, lover of sun, fashion and rodeos!

Kari Rucker

Creative problem solver, north Idahoan, advertising junkie & closet designer, outdoor enthusiast, amateur athlete, fueled by dreams & beer.

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