DC’s Own QR Code!

This weird looking barcode above is a QR Code, and not only that, but it’s Drake Cooper’s QR Code. QR codes are unique, two-dimensional bar codes, which can be placed on any item. They allow consumers to use their wireless devices to interact in a graphical manner with traditional and digital media. Consumers can take a picture of this bar code using their camera phone on a mobile device and through bar code reading software, the 2D code is interpreted to provide product information, downloads, or take consumers to a mobile website. Most U.S. phones don’t have the technology installed in them but there is an application for iPhones as well as downloads for other smartphones to read the bar code. If you have the software on your phone take a picture of the code above and it will take you to our (Drake Cooper’s) website.

The technology has roots in Japan where up to 40% of cell phone users have reportedly accessed bar codes on their mobile devices. QR codes are fairly common in culture pubs like Nylon and XLR8R but have more recently started to creep into mainstream magazines like GQ, television shows like CSI: NY and Pepsi has even placed them on bottles of soda. While it’s hard to say when QR codes will become more common practice in the U.S., we should start planning now on how best to use them now.

Pretty cool way to get consumers to your website for more information at the exact moment they may be wanting more from your brand.

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Drake Cooper
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