We began working with Jacksons Food Stores last fall. Jacksons is headquartered here in Boise and has over 200 convenience stores across the Northwest, with stores in Washington, Oregon, Nevada and Idaho.

In planning for 2012, we turned our collective focus to promoting and driving sales of their new coffee brand, Jacksons Java, launched late this March. Additionally, fountain drinks, with the warming weather, are getting some promotional love and attention too across all markets, especially Boise and Portland.

So, how should Jacksons promote both products during these spring months? What gets people from the gas pump and into the store? How do we get people to stop in for coffee on their morning commute or for an afternoon fountain drink on the way home from work, both of which are two of the busiest times of day for C-stores?

During Jacksons’s “DRINK$1” campaign, every fountain beverage, every coffee and cappuccino, any size, is just one dollar. The creative for “DRINK$1” is product focused and features the Jacksons fountain cup and new coffee packaging for easy recognition. Placement for the creative executions relies heavily on store signage and outdoor boards, with support in radio, live read, and social media.

Three weeks into the campaign, Jacksons customers have been going crazy over the drink value. DRINK$1 runs through Memorial Day weekend; be sure to get your fix at your favorite Jacksons.

A huge cheers to Dennis Budell, Scott Steele, Niki Mathews, Heidy Agalsoff, Mona Teffeteller, Brad Weigle, Meghan Rae, Lindsay Normandin, and Karma Jones.

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