Fear The Walking Dead nearly broke cable.

Now that the Fall TV season is ramping up, Media is going to have some cool stuff to talk about (in addition to kittehs, yanno.) It’s our favorite time of the year. I’ve already discovered two things.


The premiere episode of “Fear the Walking Dead” blew up the cables and will go down in the books as the most-watched premiere of any series in cable history. This is based on record-keeping that goes all the way back to the time of the dinosaurs, so this is big. The last biggest show was a reality series on life after “that comet” so…



There’s a brand new measurement in TV/Social that comes from a company called Shareablee. It ranks TV shows’ social engagements by their posts on FB/Twitter/Instagram. It compiles things like Total Actions, Total Content, Actions Per Post and Total Fans/Followers within a 24 hour period after the TV show publishes its post.

You’ll be happy to know that Teen Wolf on MTV ranked #1 in Total Actions, Total Content, Actions Per Post and Total Fans/Followers last night.

Not this Teen Wolf:



We’ll be monitoring this during the Fall season to see if it proves useful. This, coupled with Twitter Nielsen Ratings, could be an even stronger finger on the pulse of what’s going on out there. Or it could end up representing only the youngest portion of TV watchers and all we buy is sparkly vampire shows.

(Data courtesy of Marc Berman, TV Media Insights, Dinosaurs from Gary Larsen, Teen Wolf from MGM)

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