Final Tally Of Olympic Viewership

Overall, Olympic viewership was up 12 percent over the 2008 Summer Games in Beijing, making it the most watched event in US television history. Here in the US, prime time viewing was about 32 million every night. Interestingly, the last Summer Games to consistently attract such large crowds were the Montreal Games of ’76. Ad units purchased at the last minute this year were reported to be $900,000 for a 30-second spot. And out of the four US time zones, the Mountain Time Zone had the highest rated viewership.

People saw the games in different ways. According to a Pew study conducted this past weekend, 73% of respondents watched on TV, 17% saw events online and 12% followed the coverage on social media sites. Among those following the Games online, 80% also said they had been watching on TV.

For many, the star ad throughout the Olympics was Nathan from London, Ohio. The excellent Nike ad elicited an interview on TODAY alongside Donny Deutsch, which is worth watching just as much as the ad itself.

[ Image of Tower Bridge on the front tile from here as well as other Flickr Summer Games photo highlights ]


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