Five Blogs for April

Part of the challenge we all face on the web is sorting through everything to find the great stuff. And when someone finds a blog that’s unique or really interesting I’m quite appreciative when they pass it along. So that’s what I’m doing here… Keeping the relay alive… Sending along some recently discovered blogs that are quite interesting.

Check ’em out when you get a moment…

The Browser
I was pointed to this by Noah and it’s terrific. The Browser is an aggregation of some of the most intelligent and articulate writings on the web. Always current, the subject matter varies from global issues to technology to political commentary. I’m not certain who’s behind it or how they choose the content but I am certain that just reading The Browser will increase one’s IQ by next Tuesday.

“Home of fine hypertext products” this blog, edited by Jason Kottke, is always chalked full of the interesting and the insightful. The posts are short and quite unpredictable–sometimes you look back in the past, other times you’re looking into the future and still other times it’s about what’s currently relevant. This unpredictableness is part of its brilliance… you just have to keep returning.

McKinsey Quarterly
Obviously, this isn’t a blog, but you should think of it as one. You can sign up for free and the crew at McKinsey will send the latest thinking from the firm right to your inbox. Posts/articles are focused and cover everything from leadership to the economy. It’s quite grounding, actually.

Most of us are naturally fascinated with Psychology. And PsyBlog serves up recaps of psychology studies on a range of subjects, from memory to brain function, all relevant to everyday life. One of my favorite things about PsyBlog is they don’t constantly post stuff. It’s nice to give readers a chance to catch up.

Every month Trendwatching publishes a monthly Trend Briefing. It’s free. And it’s something I really look forward to… The trends are global in nature but are pretty much always applicable to whatever it is you’re working on, wherever you happen to be. This month is about Brand Butlers.

Happy reading.

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