Flying Pie Drake Cooper Night

Thanks to Flying Pie Pizzaria for naming December 28th “Work at Drake Cooper” day and having us out to make our own pizzas! We had a blast with your outstanding staff, and the pizza was amazing (if we do say so ourselves!)

Flying Pie was voted Best Pizza in Idaho by USA Today in 2010 and has won over 30 pizza awards in the last 25 years. We love them, and so does America! They’ve even been on the Travel Channel’s “Man v. Food” (that trip-hab pizza is a fiery delight). Flying Pie loves their customers too. Check their website or their signs out front and if your name is posted, you get to roll up your pizza-making sleeves and give the dough a toss.

One of our graphic designers, Conrad Garner, took a few shots of the night.

To see more photos of the night, check out our Facebook album!

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