Get Louder for Powder Tonight!

With this flighty temptress we call Mother Nature up to her unpredictable tricks this year, Bogus Basin (and many ski resorts) has had a rough beginning to their winter season. For those of us who live in the Boise Valley, Bogus is our mountain. It’s the place we go after work to get in a couple night skiing runs, or mountain bike rides. It’s where we teach our kids to ski and board on the weekends. It’s the place we call in sick from (sick with powder fever—and for the record, I’ve not done this nearly enough). It’s our respite from the infamous and dreary Boise inversion.

So what happens when we can’t strap on our snow gear and tear up the snowy mountain? Dry-heaving sobs, of course. But also, Bogus employs up to 700 of our friends and neighbors. And these friends and neighbors have been without a job for the past couple months. This effects more than our ability to shred the proverbial gnar.

The good news: we live in a community that cares greatly for one another. That’s why many of us live in Boise and the surrounding areas. We love our jobs, we love our people, we love our lives and the lifestyle this area affords us.

Our little community has pulled together to support Bogus Basin. We’ve had musicians, vendors, community celebrities, and community figures pull together to create this evening’s event, Get Louder For Powder, a community rally to bring the snow. By the looks of it this snowy morning, we’re getting the job done!

Please join us in supporting Bogus and our community tonight on the Basque Block from 5pm – 8pm. It is free for everyone, and we hope to see lots of families, lots of friends, lots of people who love our mountain.

We’ve got a stellar music lineup, Curtis Stigers, Rebecca Scott, Bill Coffey, a.k.a. Belle, In Joy Drum and Dance, Marchfourth Marching Band, Reilly Coyote, Steve Fulton and Shon Sanders. Agri Beef, Hayden Beverage and Payette Brewing Company have so generously provided food, beer and wine. All the profits from food sales will benefit Bogus, which is a nonprofit organization. If you are a current season passholder, show it and you’ll get a Double R Ranch Bogus Burger for $1 as well as $1 beers.

Let’s turn this valley into a snow globe tonight! Be sure to wear your winter gear: snow pants, googles, ski jackets, and the like, and let’s bring it!

Where: Basque Block
When: January 18th, 5pm – 8pm

Poster art: Cale Cathey

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