Gilt Groupe

A few days ago I received a package from a company called Gilt Groupe. They are an online store that peddles brand name fashion apparel at discount prices. Every week they have sales from name brand designers and you’re notified by E-mail of what brands will be having sales that week as well as the day and time the sale starts.

The reason I feel compelled to post this is I purchased a T-shirt form this site that arrived two days later! I recently made a purchase on Zappos and even though they tout themselves as giving free shipping and consistently upgrading packages to over night…I still haven’t received my shoes! This was actually the fastest I’ve ever received anything when ordering online and I wasn’t expecting such quickness especially over a shirt. I was even more excited when I opened what looked to be a normal shipping box to find that they had printed on the inside of the box as well as used tissue paper and a foiled thank you card. I wish every company realized that it’s all in the details. I’ll be purchasing from this company many more times in the future. Check them out if you’d like at


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