Harley’s New Dark Side

Thought this campaign was interesting. It is for a new line of bikes called “Dark Custom” and is targeted towards 20 something riders who we called Modern Outlaws. The reason I wanted to share this is because of a piece of marketing that I received a few days ago that I feel is working very hard for the brand. The photo above is of a direct mail piece that contained two stickers of logos that were designed for specific usage with the Dark Custom campaign. The card that accompanied the stickers says that they’re limited edition and if I want the other two to complete the set of four, I can go to a Harley dealer and get them. 

Why did I receive this direct mail piece?  I was surfing around online a few weeks ago and a Harley web banner popped up and asked me if I would like some cool stickers from Harley.  I entered my address, and two weeks later there they were sitting in my mailbox.
 All in all the point of this whole thing is that I was hit online, then with a direct mail piece and then that piece has prompted me to go to a dealership where I’ll undoubtedly be hit with much more marketing propaganda. A few small pieces of advertising are working very hard for this new line of bikes and I feel they have done a pretty good job.
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Drake Cooper
Drake Cooper
November 4, 20081 min read