Hello World, It’s Time for Idaho’s Close-Up

Idaho Travel Council: The Great Idaho Getaway Project

Here’s one of those examples of when over-delivering really pays off. Idaho Tourism needed to update many of their photography and film assets. So, instead of just hiring a few rogue cameras to get some beauty shots, we decided that we needed to tell the Idaho story, in a whole new way.

With all of the advances in on-line film technology, social media, and the proliferation of unscripted entertainment, we realized we had a unique opportunity to develop an engaging digital brand property.

The Great Idaho Getaway Project was designed to demonstrate the fun, beauty, and rejuvenation of Idaho in a real-life online film. A Seattle family with one over-worked Dad was chosen to go on a immersive digital film adventure. We quickly snatched dad and the family out of the daily grind and whisked them on a plane to Idaho for 10 days of adventure. Followed by a 25 person crew with six cameras, we captured all the adventure, fun, scenic wonder, top-notch dining, and luxury accommodations they could fit into the ten-day trip.

The 55-plus hours of footage was edited down to a 30 minute feature with 3 short bonus videos. A break-though website was developed that brings together both worlds of rich, engaging technology with a user experience that brings Idaho to life. Web site visitors can watch the film, check out the bonus footage, follow the family’s route, get ideas for their own adventure, and even book a trip of their own.

The fully-integrated push for the Great Idaho Getaway Project blends social media, online marketing, search-engine marketing (SEM), public relations, and print advertising.

Many thanks go out to a great client willing to execute on a big vision.

Shout-out: Joe Quatrone, Josh Mercaldo, Lisa Hawkes, Jennie Myers, Lindsay Shumate, Sean Young, Justin Yonk, Chad Connally, Amanda Cash-Crowley, Josh McDannel, Amanda Sapp, Brad Rowen, Jeff Noble, Lorena Davis, John Nance, Julie Grant, Anthony Jensen, Peg Owens, Ron Gardner, and everyone at North By Northwest Productions.

See for yourself: The Great Idaho Getaway Project

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