How To Attract World Class Clients


This industry is all about people. And working with good, smart, positive people is how you get to great work. But what goes on behind the scenes and how does an agency need to think and act today?

Recently, our own Jamie Cooper was interviewed by BrightIdeas to explore how all of this happens.

You can listen here.

The whole thing is quite nice, (and yes, we’re a bit biased!), but if you’d like to skip around, below are the key topics and the times:

(03:00) Introductions

(06:45) Why did you switch from software to the creative services business?

(11:00) How has technology and digital marketing changed the marketing landscape?

(23:00) How have you systematized the creative process?

(29:00) How does your branding process work?

(34:00) What advice would you give to agencies who want to attract larger clients?

(40:00) Do you think smaller agencies should specialize and partner with larger firms?

(43:00) Which tools are you using today which have proven effective?

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Drake Cooper
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