I am Beer, Hear me Growl

2014 was another banner year for craft beer, thanks to consumer demand for more varieties and for premium “local” beverages. Market intelligence agency Mintel estimates sales of craft beer reached $20 billion in 2014, doubling sales in just five years. Craft beer is now the fastest-growing alcohol category in the U.S., according to IBISWorld.

Jacksons Food Stores is looking to meet this growing demand by creating an in-store growler station for their new store on State Street and 31st in Boise. For 40 years Jacksons has been pumping gas, selling snacks and welcoming people into their stores with a healthy dose of friendliness. Helping Jacksons in their newest quest for beverage convenience, Drake Cooper leveraged Jacksons heritage, neighborliness and smart wit to develop the Beer Pump branding, growler packaging design, and a unique in-store experience. Introducing the Jacksons Beer Pump. Come on in, the taps are open!

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Jacksons isn’t the only convenience store riding the wave of the craft beer trend, according to USA Today. Draft beer taps have been installed in many gas stations, grocery stores and other retailers around the country. “It’s definitely becoming more popular,” said Paul Gatza, director of the Brewers Association, a national industry group. “The American public wants to be able to control their experience. They want to be able to take their beer home and pour as much or little as they want.” According to a recent report from Mintel, 23% of respondents drink craft beer, with consumption highest among ages 25-34. “This group is very much into individualism, into being unique, being different and standing out, and craft beer allows them to drink something that’s very different than what their parents or grandparents drank,” says Jared Koerten, senior analyst for Euromonitor International.


Check out these Beer Year highlights, courtesy of the Brewers Association

  • The U.S. passed the mark of 3,200 brewers in the country
  • Breweries are opening at a rate of 1.5 per day
  • Thirteen states now have more than 100 breweries each (CA, CO, WA, OR, MI, NY, PA, TX, FL, WI, IL, NC, OH)
  • India Pale Ales (IPAs) remain the most popular beer style
  • More highlights here.

Last but not least, for you craft beer lovin’, March Madness enthusiasts….you can participate in the ultimate craft beer bracket. Drink up and pick your winners.

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