Idaho Organic Week

Consumers are becoming more and more interested in choosing organic, locally-grown products. When asked, most people would probably agree that buying organic fruits and vegetables is a good thing. According to Food Product Design, organic food sales now represent 4.2% of all U.S. food sales, up from 4% in 2010. In fact, 2011 organic food sales grew 9.4% growth or $2.5 billion compared to 2010, with the fruit and vegetable category contributing close to 50% of new sales. But just how many organic products are really produced here in Idaho? Quite a few, it turns out.

Idaho has over 250 organic operations that provide a diverse selection of food and beverages. In fact, Idaho ranks in the top 10 in the nation for the production of several organic crops. We’re not just talking fruits and vegetables here, either. Idaho generates over $70 million annually in sales of organic-grown foods including beef, poultry, milk, eggs, and wine, as well as fruits and vegetables.

In order to celebrate Idaho’s organic-grown prowess and the many organic farmers across the state, Governor Otter proclaimed this week, June 24-30, to be Idaho Organic Week. The week-long celebration of Idaho organics recognizes the importance of organic producers, processors, and distributors in Idaho.

Idahoans are invited to learn more about organic products and to purchase organic products. By buying local and organic, you are not just getting food that is fresh and healthy, you’re also supporting soil and water conservation, as well as our local economy.

So enjoy and celebrate this important movement by choosing organic products the next time you shop at a farmers market or local retailer.

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