Introducing Our New Account Planner

Drake Cooper is expanding its Campaign Planning strategic team by adding Molly Brunett as Account Planner. Molly has been with Drake Cooper since 2016 working in account management roles and was previously Digital Marketing Director for Proof Eyewear. We’re very excited to have her working across a variety of Drake Cooper clients.

Account Planners at Drake Cooper help a client identify what their brand ‘says’… They help establish the goals, objectives, target audience, message and tone that campaigns and marketing initiatives should be created around. They are an asset to account teams to develop, accelerate and lead new marketing initiatives. They are also very involved throughout campaign development with creative, media, digital and insights & analytics teams to help create and foster effective creative work.

Account Planning @ Drake Cooper serves three key roles:

1. Account Planners are partners to agency and client teams to help get marketing initiatives (large and small) identified, off the ground, formed, and executed. Account Planners have access to, and are trained to use, the latest marketing evidence, expertise, and guidance to help new initiatives be effective.

2. Account Planners make sure that all DC teams working off a brief are inspired and supplied with whatever support they need to create ambitious work—from consumer information, to industry best practices, to thought-provoking contexts, and more. Further, Account Planners are an asset to help foster communication across different agency disciplines during campaign development.

3. Account Planners provide focused time, attention and resources to develop strong creative briefs and compelling consumer insights. Account Planners see to it that Drake Cooper is harnessing relevant trends to help clients stand out in market, communicate as clearly as possible, and strengthen their brand associations across the market.

At its heart, effective Account Planning at Drake Cooper is about observation, collaboration and developing strategies that are actionable. So we’re very excited to have Molly put her expertise in these areas to use for our clients.

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