Jewels on the Small Screen

Jensen Jewelers: “A Backyard Proposal” We’ve worked with Jensen Jewelers for many years now, and over that time we’ve had the opportunity to concept and develop TV, radio, signage, and collateral for some fun and effective promotions, including their “Bright Sale,” “Any Old Ring,” and “The Great Heist.” Most recently, the jeweler made the leap to the small screen and tasked Drake Cooper with concepting and producing their first live-action brand/image TV spot. Buying a diamond engagement ring is a big step in any person’s life. Not only does Jensen offer the expertise of over 50 years in the jewelry business, a hearty understanding of diamonds, gems, settings and styles, but they understand that you’re buying much more than precious materials. Along with this purchase comes hope. A promise. A future. And ultimately love. “Authentic Moments of Love” is the brand strategy behind the Jensen SHINE brand. This TV spot was concepted from that emotional capture; like those simple moments that might not represent fireworks for anyone other than the two involved, the surprise note found in a pocket, a wink from across the room. While most women and men don’t endeavor to wear the jewelry of a duchess or that of James Bond, we do want to wear something special given by someone who sees the magic in us. Big Shout Out: Dennis Budell, Cale Cathey, Dylan Amundson, Karma Jones, North by Northwest, and Sean Young.

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John Drake
John Drake
November 30, 20112 min read