Meet Josh Mercaldo

In a sea of desks covered with timelines, expense sheets, and random pictures of dogs, there is one desk that stands out. It is an outpost of everything Idaho and Toronto Blue Jays. As Group Account Director for Idaho Tourism, Josh has probably seen more of Idaho than anyone alive. Name a place in Idaho and he has probably been there, met the mayor, been given the key to the city, and been the grand marshall in a local parade. He is one of those guys who turns a simple conversation with a stranger into a chat with a solid new friend; he is the Chuck Norris of defusing problems, the unsung hero of the shop. So without further ado, meet Josh.

DC: What has been the highlight of your career at Drake Cooper so far?
Josh: Getting the chance to represent Idaho every day.  However, outside of work, it would be the time I caught a Red Sox game in Boston with Bill Drake. It was like winning the lottery for me.

DC: If you were in a boy band what would your position be and what would be the name of your band?
Josh: I am kind of leaning towards King of Merchandising or Head of Security. I don’t think I would even make it on stage, actually. But if I did, our name would be Project Zeus, I would play the sax, and wear a zoot suit.

DC: Do you believe in ghosts?
Josh: I would say…in the day? No. At night? Yes. Or maybe ghost no, ghouls yes?

DC: If you could go back in time and watch one baseball game what would it be?
Josh: I can tell you the exact date. Game 5 when the Toronto Blue Jays played the Texas Rangers on 10/14/2015 in Toronto. You need to understand that the Blue Jays had not made it to the playoffs since 1993 (World Series winner baby!), which was the longest running drought in the east. So when José Bautista hit a home run, it put the Blue Jays into the playoffs, and it was at home. It galvanized all of Canada. Not to mention the José Bautista bat flip.

DC: I think everyone at Drake Cooper knows that you love baseball and Canada…why is that?
Josh: Every year my kid brother and I would go on vacation to Detroit to visit my grandmother. I’ll never forget visiting Tiger Stadium and then going to Canada and seeing the Skydome for the first time, and I guess it really connected with me. I was born in ’77, Jays came into the league in ’77. Separated at birth?

DC: What is the best Christmas gift you have ever received?
Josh: My parents had a smash hit when I was eleven. They got me tickets to watch the Jazz play the Lakers on Christmas Day. It was the Mailman against Magic Johnson and having the chance to watch my heroes play was amazing.

DC: What are the top three shows you are watching now?
Josh: It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, and It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

DC:  I am going to take a wild guess and say you like It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Which character do you think represents you?
Josh: …very long pause…I would say Frank because he does not let age affect him. To him, age is just a number. It doesn’t stop him from scheming and going on random whacked-out adventures.

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