Meet Malia Cramer

Malia Cramer is the Michael Jordan of Brand Managers. She empowers the people around her to rise up for every project while injecting her charming brand of sarcasm into every conversation possible. Working with Malia is similar to watching a Richard Simmons workout video – you leave work meetings feeling empowered with a strong urge to do jazz aerobic. Drake Cooper just wouldn’t be the same without her, so let us introduce you to Malia.

DC: What drink describes you best?

Malia: I think I would be an Old Fashioned. It’s a classic drink that isn’t too sweet or too bitter – mostly pleasant. Seems like a nice way to get along.

DC: The project that you are most proud of during your time at DC?

Malia: There are so many over the years. What comes to mind most recently is our dream big client last year – the Selway-Bitterroot Frank Church Foundation. They offered us an opportunity to give back that I’ll never forget. A group of DC’ers met up with their team and the Forest Service to spend a couple of days clearing trails, hauling dirt, sawing wood, building a land bridge and backpacking through some gorgeous Idaho backcountry. When I started backpacking a few summers ago with my husband and our dog I didn’t even know if I’d like being that “one” with nature. But once I was out there taking in the mind-blowing landscapes we call our backyard, I was hooked. You have no idea what you’ll encounter, and then you are suddenly like OMG, this view, this amazingly-salty and just-what-I-needed dehydrated meal, this comfy ¼ inch sleeping pad, and yes, that extra 3 pounds for a bottle of red wine is just what I need. Gaining a new passion and appreciation for Idaho and being active in it has been amazing.

DC: If you were to inherit 50 million dollars what would you do?

Malia: I have a list, for sure. I would definitely help the people and organizations that have helped me first. That’s a little sappy, though. Besides being such a generous person, I  would go on a foodie adventure around the globe. Just grab some family and friends, travel the world doing crazy, once-in-a-lifetime adventures together, and learn to cook something I can bring back to share, eat, and drink.

DC: One Life lesson you have learned from DC?

Malia: Change is always going to happen, and you have to know it’s going to be for the best.

DC: If you could have one superpower what would it be?

Malia: Unlimited energy to get all everything done. There are always 12 things I want to do, but I usually end up completing about half of them, starting two more things, forgetting about one altogether, then adding something new before calling it quits.

DC: Greatest childhood vacation?

Malia: We were living in San Antonio at Fort Sam Houston, and my parents took us to Corpus Christi. They worked so hard, and it was an idyllic beach vacation. We played in the waves, walked the boardwalk, played games at the cabin and ate my mom’s amazing meals. It was heaven.

DC: Rank in order of importance: husband, food, and running.

Malia: Can I have a tie? No? Then food, my husband, with running last. It’s ok, my husband knows he is a really close 2nd, and I’ve only heard one complaint in nine years of “I literally can’t eat this.” I think that says something.

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