#TBT: Shaping the Future for Veterans in Idaho—The Story of Mission43

In 2016, we embarked on an ambitious project to create a distinctive brand identity for a new veterans-based organization in Idaho, which we named Mission43. This initiative was more than just a branding exercise; it was about crafting a narrative and building a community that would resonate deeply with post-9/11 veterans. The choice of the name “Mission43” was particularly symbolic—highlighting the ongoing mission of community integration and empowerment and cleverly referencing Idaho’s status as the 43rd state to join the Union. This name helped position the initiative as both a continuation of service and a new beginning in a supportive environment.

Our task involved creating a comprehensive brand guide that would serve as the foundation for all communication and visual representation of the organization. This guide included primary and secondary logos, a carefully selected color palette, typefaces, photography style, and graphic elements that all aligned with Mission43’s core values and message. We also crafted a mission statement and tone words that would consistently convey the organization’s objectives and ethos across various platforms.

To ensure a cohesive presentation, the brand guide detailed how to use partner logo lockups for collaborating organizations such as Hire Heroes, Team Rubicon, and Team RWB. These guidelines were crucial for maintaining brand integrity and unity across collaborations, enabling seamless integration of Mission43’s identity with its partner organizations.

The branding strategy celebrated veterans as leaders and valuable community assets. We emphasized positive themes like mission, respect, and collaboration, positioning Mission43 as a support network and an empowering community movement.

Since its launch, Mission43 has experienced significant growth and now has a permanent home in the newly constructed Idaho Outdoor Fieldhouse alongside The Challenged Athlete’s Foundation—Idaho. This expansion is a testament to the brand’s impact and ability to effectively meet its foundational goals while fostering a sustainable and impactful presence in the community.

Mission43’s story is a powerful example of how thoughtful branding and strategic communication can drive meaningful change. It demonstrates the importance of a well-constructed brand identity that supports veterans in transitioning to civilian life and mobilizes them to continue serving their community in new and impactful ways. Through continuous support and engagement, Mission43 inspires and activates a vibrant community of veterans, leading and enriching Idaho and beyond.