My ID Sweepstakes and Videos

If you are from Idaho, you’ve probably had a chance to explore this incredible state. If you haven’t, or if you aren’t an Idaho native, there is a ton of awesomeness awaiting you. Visit Idaho’s sweepstakes giveaway begins today and goes through the end of the summer. Each week Idaho is giving away some killer prizes: hotel stays, golfing packages, whitewater adventures, spa retreats, and tons more. A winner is drawn each Friday, so you’ll want to be sure to enter each week. You can enter on Facebook too.

Create an e-postcard or video too! Upload pictures of you, your friends and family and create personalized cards and videos to share on Facebook. There are 8 postcards to choose from, two videos, and another one on it’s way. Have some fun putting your head (hopefully we can get the rest of you too) in Idaho.

Good luck! We hope to see you in Idaho!

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Dylan Amundson
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