Oh, The Spaces You’ll Go.


The truth is, your red Swingline stapler wouldn’t mean so much to you if you worked in an office space like the Drake Cooper Building in downtown Boise.

Smack dab in BODO, with spaces of varying sizes, 283 – 2,853 sqf., this historic building built with palpable character has been renovated on the inside. All offensive flowered drapes, all teal-colored carpet, and various other dated office accoutrements (including disagreeable ghosties) have been donated to goodwill and replaced with 21st century niceties.

Surrounded by some of Boise’s hippest retailers, you’ll also be steps away from a variety of eateries to nosh at and services to make new friends with. The greenbelt, two blocks away, makes biking to work so simple that a caveman who once hawked car insurance and starred in a failed TV series could do it.

So take a look, see if the Drake Cooper Building is right for you and your business. To see the space or for more information, call Jennifer McEntee at 208.287.9489
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Drake Cooper
Drake Cooper
May 4, 20112 min read