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Take the Road Less Polluted With ACHD Commuteride and VRT’s May in Motion Campaign

There’s a reason Shakespeare wrote sonnets that reference the month of May. The magic of alternative modes of transportation enthralled him, of course.

ACHD Commuteride (Ada County Highway Department) and VRT (Valley Regional Transit) kicked off their annual May in Motion campaign which encourages locals to use alternative transportation. But this is much more than trying to save a few dollars by carpooling with a friend to work, taking the bus, or even riding your bike to save this world from car emissions. May in Motion is about education and it’s about making our community a better place to live and work.

Our challenge with May in Motion is educating people so they feel confident that alternative modes of transportation not only make sense from environmental and economical standpoints, but is easy to use as well.

Our mini boards take a playful approach to transportation and are given to each company participating this May. Headlines like, “I think, therefore I van” add interest to MiM’s signature colors and artwork.

Commuteride is the oldest multi-employer vanpool in the nation, and there are over 85 vans on the road here in the Treasure Valley, which is pretty significant. ValleyRide has 54 bus routes as well. More and more people are realizing that vanpools and bus rides give them time to relax before and after the work day, providing that much-coveted “me-time” to read a book, listen to podcasts, get caught up on work, chat with other commuters, or even daydream.

The MiM logo, a trio of transportation wheels set on vibrant spring colors, will be on every coffee cup lid at Tully’s this month in an effort to include downtowners.

Commuteride is also running two tv spots (below) this month to encourage participation.

Drake Cooper is also a proud sponsor this year, and we’ll be updating you with our miles saved and participation rates, as well as general MiM stats at the end of the month.

Big ups to: Kate Nichols, Malia Cramer, Sean Young, Karma Jones, Cale Cathey, Kirk Montgomery and Nicole Stern.

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