Position This.

“Today’s market place is no longer responsive to the strategies that worked in the past. There are just too many products, too many companies, and too much marketing noise.” (Al Ries and Jack Trout: Positioning; The Battle For Your Mind).

So what do you do to get your message heard and your product recognized? Answer: correctly position your product.

To position your product means to utilize niches and narrow targets, be selective of who your target market is, and employ the use of segmentation.

According to Ries and Trout, Americans consume 57% of the world’s advertising. So what does this mean? You have to strategically postion the product or service so it stands out in the communication jungle.

Focus on the consumer, the prospect, rather than the product itself. Why would they want it? Who would want it? What will it do for them? Focus on what the consumer wants your product to be, not what you think the product is.

Simplify. There is no need to provide long-drone content to describe why your product or service beats out the competition. Keep it simple. With blasts of media and parades of commercials hitting your comsumers’ eyes and ears, it is wise to keep it simple and relevant. Here is a good example:

American: Jack Daniels. Want to dive into the American culture, feel like a true American? Drink Jack Daniels–it’s about as American as it gets.

Simple message, yet satisfying.


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John Drake
John Drake
August 8, 20115 min read