Print and Mobile Working Together

Influx drew my attention to Nokia’s new Point & Find (beta) that more closely links in-market print efforts with the mobile web. The video below articulates it best.


Along these lines, there’s been an increasing use of QR Codes on products and ads, which is another way of linking the physical world to the mobile web.

More popular in Japan and parts of Europe than in the US, QR Codes will gain steam here as increased consumer demand pulls device makers to include cameras and easy web browsing capabilities on all phones. But Ralph Lauren, among others, have already started including QR Codes on their ads:
What does it all mean?

With every day that passes the web is simply linking up tighter and tighter to the physical world. And the best description I’ve found so far of where this road probably leads is articulated here.

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Drake Cooper
Drake Cooper
May 30, 2009