Print is dead?

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Print is dead? Not according to the thousands of requests that pour in for the Idaho Travel Guide. Idaho Tourism has been producing the helpful Guide for over 30+ years. Recently, we have also added the option to view online as a flipbook. However, many visitors still prefer the magazine-like layout with the hard copy. Local attractions, events and lodging accommodations are highlighted by region with an amenity key that makes it easy to find the lodging that fits your needs. 
The Guide has been evolving over the years alongside the Idaho Tourism brand- most notably, the photography. There has been a shift from scenic-heavy photography to people + activity + emotion. It is important for us to showcase the family-friendly adventure that Idaho is known for. It really comes through in this year’s guide since we were able to repurpose photography from our 18 Summers  campaign. A majority of the photography captures candid moments of real Idaho families on vacation, which brought a lot of warmth to the guide. 
Cale Cathey, the Art Director on the Travel Guide for the last 6 years was excited about the new assets. “This year, more priority was given to photography that conveyed a greater sense of emotion but still contextually related to ‘adventure.’ When paired with activity shots and more traditionally scenic shots of Idaho, the photography really resonates with the tone of the brand.” 
Idaho is a big state with endless opportunities for recreational fun. Whether you are a fellow Idahoan or out of state, pick up a 2015 Guide and go explore! 
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