Rethinking the Ad Agency Internship

Speaking with agency leaders everywhere it seems to me we need to rethink internships and how both the student and the agency work together.

At Drake Cooper we took the first step a few years ago and launched the Backstage Pass (agencies like to creatively name everything to make it seem legitimate). It was a step in the right direction where we dubbed interns ‘trainees’ and instead of asking them to fetch coffee as their primary means of learning we did our best to pair them with a mentor and work on specific projects as a way to see what really happens in an agency. It was successful—but we realized we weren’t there yet. This year we are further revising the idea and are proud to relaunch the Backstage Pass as a whole new thing.

This summer we are seeking nine students to be trainees in our program that starts on May 29th and ends on August 7th. Students will receive a place to hang their hat, classroom instruction and real client assignments that they will work on in groups in a mock scenario. If you are a student or recent grad, we are looking for the best and brightest to come backstage with us. Sign up now. Space is limited. Minds are not.

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John Drake
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