The Blend, Jan 23

People are sharing good stuff all the time. Things that make us smarter, think more creatively and encourage us to push ourselves just a little bit harder. When we find these things, we put them in The Blend and share it with you.

Here’s the most recent batch of goodness…

Increasingly our technology is putting us under permanent surveillance; here’s a thoughtful take on what that means for our freedom.

Insurance papers are often lost, but here’s a brilliant idea; one company puts beautiful prints on the back of official papers so they can display on a wall and never be lost.

One of the reasons Wieden+Kennedy has always thought differently is due to their first client’s take on advertising.

The Golden Globes showed us how different is the new normal.

Nike creates 100,000 unique films, (yes 100,000), for its most avid users.

The catalog has been on the sharp decline but major retailers are bringing it back this year, and there’s a good reason why.

And speaking of mailing stuff, here is a place that sends glitter to people you hate—and word is they’re sold out. (*language warning on that link, folks)

Dark social could be the next big thing in digital marketing.

Google Glass has come to an end for now.

And finally, while it’s always dangerous to base things on one person’s take, this teenager’s view on social media is well worth a read.

Here’s to a productive, creative and thought-filled day.

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