The Blend, Mar 2


People are sharing good stuff all the time. Things that make us smarter, think more creatively and encourage us to push ourselves just a little bit harder. When we find these things, we put them in The Blend and share them with you.

Here’s some good stuff from good thinkers to start the week…


Two things about this: their amazing evolution since 2008, and the level that their content has reached today.


Turns out, your grit can be more valuable than your IQ.


In one article understand what bitcoin is and why it’s a viable global currency.


Leonard Nimoy’s final tweet is rather amazing.


Another way Coke is spreading their brand purpose of happiness: with an emoji on a billboard.


“I destroy my enemies when I make them my friends.”


The NBA is proving to everyone how greatness today takes a team, not one super star.


Tomorrow’s world, today; a Japanese hotel is going to be staffed by robots.


The path to an answer is often as interesting as the answer itself; here’s a tool where you can visualize your journey around the web.


It’s okay to smile more. All human languages are made up of mostly happy words.


And finally, fellow marketers, when describing what we do, let’s try to write simple, human language that will sound sensible in five years’ time, not impressive in five minutes’.


Here’s to a productive, creative and thought-filled week.

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